RG 1/144 Transom Riser Gross Injection Ver. ( Pre- Order) 2018 January


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New R / O series of double over risers, appearing in transom mode as soon as possible! !
  — R G Doubler Order, Transmission Mode Activation — 
In 1/144, in the RG series pursuing minimalistic expression and “real”, reproduce Transam Riser with RG arrangement!
     Transal mode to enjoy with real grade ——————————————– ——
     ”Mobile Suit Gundam 00″ Official Mechanic Design Mr. Ebihikawa Kanitake supervision kit
     ——————————————————————– ————————————
From “Mobile Suit Gundam 00”, a double o riser of the image which activated Transom mode,
Commercialized as Transum riser.
● GLOSS injection molding is adopted for the exterior parts, and the red shining airframe color is reproduced with a glossy metallic molding color.
● As a unique arrangement of “real-grade”, sticking to the expression of the emitted light,
  Reproduce the GN condenser with inner foil seal and clear light green molding lens parts.
● Rearistic decal of color matching the image of transom mode is included.  
Attached armed: GN sword III / GN sword II / GN beam saber / GN shield
1/144 Scale Assembleable Plastic Model
Target age: 15 years old and over
Product material: PS · PP · ABS
· Adhesive is not used for assembly
* The finished product of the photograph is a prototype under development. Moreover, it is painted. It may differ slightly from the actual product. 
※ Inside the clear parts, bubbles may enter on the manufacturing process, but please understand.
 · This item can not be purchased at the retail store in the plastic model store.
 · There are cases when we sell this product, such as our organizer event or other projects and overseas.
 · There is a limited number of selling preparations at ‘Premium Bandai’ for this product. Please understand when out of stock.
 · We have limited the number of items you can purchase per person due to the convenience of production preparation number.
   Please note.
 · This item is subject to change due to application situation, production circumstances, shipping date may be changed. Please note.
 · Product images are in the middle of development, actual products may differ.
 · Product specification is scheduled as of April 2015. Although it may be changed, please understand.