RG 1/144 Double Oh Gundam Seven Sword / G Inspection


— Shoot the “gun (blaster)”, the red seven sword —
From “Mobile Suit Gundam 00V Battlefield”, Seven Sword / G Inspector with 7 swords and 1 gun
In 1/144 commercialized in the RG series pursuing minimalistic expression and “real”.
In addition to seven swords, GN Sword II blaster is reproduced with new modeling! !
● GN SWORD II BLASTER [GN Sword II Blaster] ——
 ”GN Sword Ⅱ Blaster” which is a symbol of inspection is reproduced by new modeling.
 It can hold in both sword mode and rifle mode. The sword part is molded with clear parts.
● 7 swords and 1 armament are included!
 GN Buster Sword Ⅱ is a dedicated stand for stable display.
● Reproduce the aircraft color of brilliant “red” in molded color!
– Realistic decal comes with new design!
Attached Armed: GN Sword II Blaster / GN Buster Sword Ⅱ / GN Sword Ⅱ Long / GN Sword Ⅱ Short
      / GN Qatar / GN beam saber
1/144 Scale Assembleable Plastic Model
Target age: 15 years old and over
Product material: PS · PP · ABS · PVC
· Adhesive is not used for assembly
* The finished product of the photograph is a prototype under development. Moreover, it is painted. It may differ slightly from the actual product. 
 · This item can not be purchased at the retail store in the plastic model store.
 · This product may be sold at our sponsored events, other projects, overseas etc.
 · There is a limited number of selling preparations at ‘Premium Bandai’ for this product. Please understand when out of stock.
 · We have limited the number of items you can purchase per person due to the convenience of production preparation number.
   Please note.
 · This item is subject to change due to application situation, production circumstances, shipping date may be changed. Please note.
 · Product images are in the middle of development, actual products may differ.
 · Product specification is scheduled as of October 2017. Although it may be changed, please understand.

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