RG 1/144 Double O Quanta (Transom Mode) [Metallic Gross Injection]


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In the RG series, Double O Quanta Transform mode appears!
— double oak, trigger mode activation — 
● A red shining airframe color glossy gloss injection molding, special kit reproduced with metallic molded colors!
● Sticking to expressions of emitted light, reproduce GN drive · GN condenser with realistic decal shine and clear light green lens parts!
– GN sword V, GN sword bit, GN shield which can reproduce the scene in the play of Double O Quanta is included!
● Rearistic decal of color matching the image of transom mode comes with!
Attached armed: GN sword V / GN sword bit / GN shield
1/144 Scale Assembleable Plastic Model
Target age: 15 years old and over
Product material: PS · PP · ABS
· Adhesive is not used for assembly
* The finished product of the photograph is a prototype under development. Moreover, it is painted. It may differ slightly from the actual product. 
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 · Product images are in the middle of development, actual products may differ.
 · Product specification is scheduled as of October 2017. Although it may be changed, please understand.