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The ultimate “Millennium Falcon” in its hands.
PERFECT GRADE 1/72 Millennium Falcon, Flight.
Photographer model researcher Mr. Washimi · Mr. Takahashi, full cooperation! !
“Millennium Falcon” which appeared in the memorable first work “Star Wars / New Hope” published in 1977,
Bandai’s best model brand “PERFECT GRADE” series embodying the ultimate appearance appeared.
Thoroughly researched “1.7 m model for photography” with the theme of “complete reproduction”, not only to shape the appearance,
From the cockpit and the inside of the laser cannon, faithfully reproduce without any compromise. 
● Restraint in reproduction during the play – Obsession with Accurately Recreating the Millennium Falcon from the Movie - 
    Thanks to Mr. Washimi and Mr. Takahashi’s full cooperation by Mr. Takahashi of the researcher,
    I thoroughly studied the “model for shooting 1.7 m”.
     Reproduce all the information amount of the shooting model, 1/72 scale Large size of 482 mm long, reproduces the shooting model thoroughly.
● Reproduction of higher order details – Reproducing the Finest Details –
     Of course not only the exterior but also the internal detail structure is made thoroughly.
     · Cockpit
      Reproduce the shape, from the panel of the seat and the console part to the instruments on the wall.
      By organizing, the structural understanding of manipulating “Millennium Falcon” deepens.
     · Laser cannon
      Including gunner’s seat and laser gun trigger inside.
      Besides, it covers a precisely reproduced quadruped laser gun.
      You can also experience the sense of distance between gunner and laser gun at battle.
      Hole wall surface
      Not only the structure inside the hole, but also the various structures on the side of the cylindrical hole are reproduced without limit.
      Side detail
      Also pursuing stereoscopic expression by effectively dividing parts densely of side details.
      Tubes that run side-by-side and side-by-side are used in conjunction with independent parts to realize a shape that is closer to the shooting model.
      Central detail
      In the very intricate central part, we also grasp the exact shape in the interview and research on “1.7 m model for shooting”.
      Faithfully reproduce complex structures.
     - Aircraft rear part / Around the duct
      Millennium Falcon top detail features dense details are being built in detail.
      The mesh part of the duct is a selection formula of plastic parts and etching parts, pursuing finer reproduction.
● Light emitting gimmick – LED Light – Up Feature –
      Production of light complementing the impression in the play.
      That form illuminated by light gives the illusion as if it is about to fly now.
     · Sub-high speed engine
     In “PG 1/72 Millennium Falcon”, I respected the first work and dare to reproduce with white LED.
      The distinctive belt-like engine part reproduces lighting like in the play by using light guiding parts.
     · Landing gear · Entrance
      Characteristic three legs are illuminated by LEDs, and the aircraft is supported with the powerful strength in the play.
      By illuminating this place the parking condition can be reproduced.
      A dense mold is engraved into the elevation port to the inside,
      Everyday it brings out an atmosphere that Han solo is going down.
     · Cockpit
      Like the cockpit in the play, the characteristic rear panel lights up, reminding the scene in the play.
[Contents of set] Main body, LED unit, Etching parts, Water transfer decal, Dedicated pedestal
1/72 scale assembled plastic model
Target age: 15 years old and over
Main product materials: PS · AS · ABS · PE
· AAA batteries × 3 (sold separately) are required.
· For fixing the battery lid, a Phillips screwdriver (sold separately) is required.
· Scissors, pliers, instant adhesives etc. are required for etching parts to assemble the etching parts.
※ The finished product is a painted item. It is also a prototype under development. It may differ slightly from the actual product.
 · September sales of this product is sold only with Premium Bandai.
 · This product may be subject to sale by our company hosted events, other projects, other sales routes etc. and overseas.
 · There is a limited number of selling preparations at ‘Premium Bandai’ for this product. Please understand when out of stock.
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