One-Touch LED Series: Brightness Adjust Unit by HiQParts

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A unit that can be installed between the LED lamp and the power supply to adjust the light amount
Use it when the light is too strong, or when you want to blush brightly

Use it by connecting between a dedicated battery case (sold separately) and an LED lamp (sold separately). With a Phillips screwdriver you can easily adjust light intensity steplessly. Also, when using multiple LED lamps mixed with red when using a three-branch unit (sold separately), other colors do not light, but if the same unit is used immediately before the red, simultaneous lighting can be done even in the case of multiple color mixing.

One-touch LED series are “soldering unnecessary”, “no prior knowledge”
LED series that anyone can easily handle

By connecting wirings and connectors to the LED in advance, we realized a system that lights up just by connecting to a dedicated power supply. From the car model to the character model, large diorama, it is a chance to challenge the LED work which was not conscious until now!