HG Blade Spin Cutter


A rotating blade that rotates 360 degrees free is useful for cutting out circles and curves.

● Small cutter that rotates when the cutting edge turns around
● Convenient for cutting paper or masking tape into curved lines.
● A slim, lightweight aluminum body that can be held like a pen.
● Two dedicated blades are included.
● Compatible materials Paper, masking tape, decals, sticker paper, etc.
● Blade length: approx. 4mm / Material: Carbon tool steel (SK5)
* Even the above materials may not be cut depending on the shape and size.
* This product is a light work cutter suitable for cutting thin materials. May not be suitable for cutting plastic materials or putty.

* Since this product is a blade, please handle it with care.
* This product has a structure that uses a dedicated blade. Please note that similar cutter blades on the market cannot be used.

Body size (length) x (diameter): approx. 125 x 8 mm
■ Product material
 body: Aluminum alloy
 protective cap: ABS
 rotary blade: Carbon tool steel (SK5)
 replacement blade case: PP
■ Accessories: Protection cap / Replacement rotary blade (replacement blade) 2 / Replacement blade case
■ Product code: HT-075

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