Blinker unit for turn signal (1 piece) [BL – UNIT] by HIQ PARTS

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At the same interval as the turn signal of the actual car / bike
It is an intermediate unit that can blink the LED lamp (optional)

Use a dedicated battery case (sold separately) and LED lamp (sold separately) connected. Flickers by inserting batteries and turning on the attached switch. Make sure to orient the connector and connect it. If you connect three branch harness (sold separately) you can also blink two simultaneously.

One-touch LED series are “soldering unnecessary”, “no prior knowledge”
LED series that anyone can easily handle

By connecting wirings and connectors to the LED in advance, we realized a system that lights up just by connecting to a dedicated power supply. From the car model to the character model, large diorama, it is a chance to challenge the LED work which was not conscious until now!